Everyone has value and everyone is part of the team. You will have more fun with us as a team then you would on your own!
    The tag server is open for the summer!
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Phantom Dog Tags

The Final Stand Dog Tags spawn in small white (Whiteout and Hammerhead) or grayish/green (Giants of Karelia and Hangar 21 (15x30cm) boxes

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Phantom Bow

There are two methods of unlocking the Bow so get yours today!. Pick it up on Outbreak or by completing all Phantom assignments.

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Solve the Easter Egg in the Dragon Valley 2015 map (Temple Lights) to get you Dice L.A. Camouflage

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Battlefield 4's FeaturesBF4 provides the maps, weapons, vehicles classes and game modes so everyone will enjoy the game.


Multiplayer Fun

Battlefield 4' s multiplayer contains three, playable factions—the United States, China, and Russia—fighting against each other, with up to 64-players.


Game Modes

There are fourteen game modes, each providing unique challenges for everyone's individual style of gameplay!


Multiplayer Maps

There are over 30 multiplayer maps all supporting several game modes, and many requiring an emphasis on team-based play to win but there are many that are suited to the lone wolf too.



Most of the weapons from BF3 are in BF4 plus many new ones have been added. One notable exception is the M16-A3.



Most of the vehicles from BF3 are in BF4 with several new ones like hovercraft and new powerful attack boats!.


Easter Eggs

There are many Easter Eggs and Secret codes in Battlefield 4 to be discovered, from levolution, Morse code, Dog tags and much more to be found in both the Campaign and Multiplayer modes.

Get Your DICE L.A. Camo

You have to turn on and then off each of the 7 switches to see which lights each one turns on and be sure to keep track of them all. The default lights change after each round as does what lights each switch turns on. We use a template like this to track our temple lights on, it makes it easier to see what you need to do.  



You can use "TEXT LIGHT" for iPhone or "MORSE TALK" for Android, both free downloads.


What the players are saying!

  • Thank you Lojack223 for helping me with my DICE LA Camo . image Andrew D
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If you enjoyed our servers, or someone helped you with your Dog Tags, Bow or DICE Camo, please consider making a small donation to help keep them going. Even $5 goes a long way in ensuring the sustainability of our BF4 servers. Your donations are greatly appreciated!

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