Everyone has value and everyone is part of the team. You will have more fun with us as a team then you would on your own!
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Phantom Dog Tags

The Final Stand Dog Tags spawn in small white (Whiteout and Hammerhead) or greyish/green (Giants of Karelia and Hangar 21 (15x30cm) boxes

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Phantom Bow

There are two methods of unlocking the Bow so get yours today!. Pick it up on Outbreak or by completing all Phantom assignments.

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Solve the Easter Egg in the Dragon Valley 2015 map (Temple Lights) to get you Dice L.A. Camouflage

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Server Performance/Status Warning state: is currently set at 90% fps out of active tick rate (stalls) – you will see occasional rubberbanding and physics issues, but still playable. 

  • Severe state: is currently set at 70% fps out of active tick rate (stalls) – you will see severe rubberbanding, player stutters, jumps and other really bad things. If a server reaches this state it is overloaded and in a really bad state – leaving the server is recommended.

Client packet loss: (combination of UP and DOWN packet loss) Warning state: 1% packet loss, something that will affect your game, but does not destroy the experience.

  • Severe state: is set at 5% – which to us indicates game-breaking packet loss, you should try and improve your connection and/or swap server if this happens.

Client Latency: (includes server processing delay, not only ping) Warning state: is currently set at 200 ms, at this level you should still be able to play the game pretty well, but you will start to see some delays or stutters. (should reflect about 170 ping)

  • Severe state: is currently set at 250 ms, at this level the gameplay will severely suffer and you should look for a closer server and/or improve your connection if possible (should reflect about 220 ping or more)

Client Low Framerate Warning state: 95% out of active target tick rate.

  • Severe state: Internal engine formula – if you see this you probably have REALLY low fps, and at this state gameplay will suffer severely due to lots of reasons. An example would be that you have 12 FPS out of the targeted 30 FPS.

Client Low Monitor Update Frequency (Hz) Warning state: 98% out of target tick rate. This means if you are playing on a 59.99/60HZ monitor @60 tick rate – you should NOT be seeing this, but you will if the tick rate is set to 120 or 144 of course.






Pay it forward

If you enjoyed our servers, or someone helped you with your Dog Tags, Bow or DICE Camo, please consider making a small donation to help keep them going. Even $5 goes a long way in ensuring the sustainability of our BF4 servers. Your donations are greatly appreciated!
All donations go directly to our server provider NFO!

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