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Phantom Dog Tags

The Final Stand Dog Tags spawn in small white (Whiteout and Hammerhead) or greyish/green (Giants of Karelia and Hangar 21 (15x30cm) boxes

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Phantom Bow

There are two methods of unlocking the Bow so get yours today!. Pick it up on Outbreak or by completing all Phantom assignments.

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Solve the Easter Egg in the Dragon Valley 2015 map (Temple Lights) to get you Dice L.A. Camouflage

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After playing the Battlefield One Closed-Alpha for a while I can say for the most part it is GREAT for an Alpha. This Alpha is better than Battlefield 4 was on it's release. The test map, St. Quentin Scar is stunning compared to other Battlefield Alpha’s map. Everything big and small is completely destructible and well rendered on the map compared to Battlefield 4’s Alpha, where there was hardly anything you could destroy on it's Siege of Shanghai map. 

Attack plane gunner
Gunner in attack plane!

In the Bomber.

German soldier

The BF4 Siege of Shanghai map in Alpha had no textures on anything but the water, vehicles and soldiers. Most of the ground and all of the buildings had the exact same sandstone texture.

D flag BF4 Alpha
D flag Siege of Shanghai

A flag BF4 Alpha
A flag Siege of Shanghai with poorly render soldiers!

The map is beautifully rendered with greater detail then in Battlefield 4’s current offering. The weather does change but so far I have seen only clear skies, heavy fog and hard rain. As of now the weather is the same for the whole round, it starts and ends with one of those three modes.

Vew in the rain!
Vew in the rain!

Tank view in the rain!
Tank view in the rain!

The fog
The fog on the ground!

The Sound for the Vehicles is very fitting to the period, the diesels in the tanks and armor cars sound very appropriate for each. The planes look and sound as they should for the time period, the engine sounds when climbing, banking or diving is very fitting. 

The damage model is very good and you will see the cloth skin missing where the plane was hit as well as any wood structural damage. All vehicles are repairable by the driver as long as they are the one that spawned into it or picked up a driver’s/pilot’s kit. You repair by holding X down for a period of time and you will hear a wrenching sound and see a circle timer on screen to know your progress. While repairing you are immobile and if you shoot are take any fire the repair must start over.

The Zeppelin or Behemoth as it is called in BF1 is well a Behemoth on all accounts, size and fire power. It really has to be seen to understand it's masive size.

The size of the Behemoth can be seen here!
The size of the Behemoth can be seen here!

 The Behemoth can take a lot of damage.
The Behemoth can take a lot of damage.

While I have seen a few glitches like when crashing an Armoured car into a building it’s tires ans undercarriage became stuck in the floor. There was also strange lens flares once in a while, like the sun shining off a window but out of place and too bright.

Glitched Armor car. 
Glitched Armoured car. The small multi-colored object is part of a plane. (wood and fabric)

Strange light glitch.
Strange light glitch.

Looking ahead

Sneak Peek!

Battlefield One Alpha Vehicles



Land Ship

light-tank Ducky Tank

Ducky Tank (looks like a rubber duck profile)

Heavy Tank

Armored Car

Armoured car

Attack Plane




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