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Phantom Dog Tags

The Final Stand Dog Tags spawn in small white (Whiteout and Hammerhead) or greyish/green (Giants of Karelia and Hangar 21 (15x30cm) boxes

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Phantom Bow

There are two methods of unlocking the Bow so get yours today!. Pick it up on Outbreak or by completing all Phantom assignments.

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Solve the Easter Egg in the Dragon Valley 2015 map (Temple Lights) to get you Dice L.A. Camouflage

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Easter Eggs

Phantom Bow unlocked

The Phantom is permanently equipped with its iron sights in the optics slot and a counterbalance Stabilizer in the accessory slot. The bow's sights have three distance pins with green, yellow, and red tritium tips. The green sight is used for closer ranges, while the yellow and red are used for medium to longer range shots. The weapon's third slot is for the equipped arrow type, which the Phantom has three types available for use: the Broadhead, Bulletpoint, and Explosive Tip arrows. All of the arrows are capable of an instant kill with a headshot at any distance, otherwise they function differently and have different damage values.

Due to it being a bow, the Phantom's method of fire slightly different than the other firearms available in-game. When Primary Fire is used without aiming, the player's soldier will quickly bring the bow up, draw the arrow back, and immediately let it loose. This method of fire is very inaccurate, and the arrows will deviate significantly off target. Alternatively, if Alt Fire is used, the soldier will bring the bow up, pull back an arrow, and aim through the weapon's sights. The arrow will only be released when Primary Fire is hit, and the arrow will accurately fly according to the weapon sights. Because of this, aiming the arrow before firing it is highly recommended due to the significant increase in accuracy; the normal primary fire should generally avoided unless a target approaches the player at very close range.
The Broadhead arrow is the default arrow equipped with the Phantom, and is balanced all-around for most engagements. The arrow will kill in a single chest shot (unless the target has the Defensive upgrade path equipped, in which case it will do 93 damage with a chest shot), and will do 93 damage if it hits any other part of the player beside the head or chest. It has moderate drop, and will usually require aiming slightly below the green pin to hit distant targets.

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BF4 Tag Server

P4FUN Phantom Operative and Tag Hunting Server Rules:

  1. No random killing!!!!
  2. PHANTOM OPERATIVE and Tag Hunting only at this time.
  3. DO NOT steal someone's found tag!!!  The round will be restarted and you will not keep them! (BAN)
  4. Any form of  killing or disruptive play will not be allowed! (Kill) (Kick) (BAN)
  5. Any form of racism is not allowed!! (BAN)
  6. Do not interfere in any way with another player! (Kill) (Kick) (BAN)
  7. Do not destroy spawn points!!! (BAN)
  8. If an admin or another player is helping someone and they call them to the tags, DO NOT pick them up! (Rule #3)

Admins and others may help you find the tags just ask, but wait for your turn for help...  

You are lookng for a dogtag boxes! First tags spawn @ 53:00 on game clock! As long as the game clock is counting down the tags WILL SPAWN even with only one player. After someone finds and takes a dogtag you will hear a noise, the next tag spawn will be in 7-10 minutes.

The dogtags spawn in small white (whiteout and Hammer) or greyish/green (15x30cm) boxes.. *redit

Once found you need to use regular knife to open! DO NOT use an Icicle it will destroy it!
You should see "E to interact" press E to pick up tag. 

You can not use the tag until the next round!





Helpful Hints:

  • Do not destroy any area close to a spawn point.
  • They won't cmove if a player is close to it....
  • They can spawn out of bounds for other team!
  • They can be invisible, only way is to knife it and you will see the E
  • One player may see it, others may not... anyone can knife it and see E
  • Graphic setting make a difference, Go as high as you can for Textures and use LOW for terrain to see better!
  • Ground clutter can get in the way of you seeing it..
  • You can use a FLIR scope or MAV on Whiteout and Hammerhead to help look. Both work well at closer ranges.


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Pay it forward

If you enjoyed our servers, or someone helped you with your Dog Tags, Bow or DICE Camo, please consider making a small donation to help keep them going. Even $5 goes a long way in ensuring the sustainability of our BF4 servers. Your donations are greatly appreciated!
All donations go directly to our server provider NFO!

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