P4FUN Phantom Operative and Tag Hunting Server Rules:

  1. No random killing!!!!
  2. PHANTOM OPERATIVE and Tag Hunting only at this time.
  3. DO NOT steal someone's found tag!!!  The round will be restarted and you will not keep them! (BAN)
  4. Any form of killing or disruptive play will not be allowed! (Kill) (Kick) (BAN)
  5. Any form of racism is not allowed!! (BAN)
  6. Do not interfere in any way with another player! (Kill) (Kick) (BAN)
  7. Do not destroy spawn points!!! (BAN)
  8. If an admin or another player is helping someone and they call them to the tags, DO NOT pick them up! (Rule #3)

Admins and others may help you find the tags just ask, but wait for your turn for help...  

You are looking for dog tag boxes! First tags spawn @ 53:00 on game clock! As long as the game clock is counting down the tags WILL SPAWN even with only one player. After someone finds and takes a dog tag you will hear a noise, the next tag spawn will be in 7-10 minutes.

The dog tags spawn in small white (Whiteout and Hammer) or grayish/green (15x30cm) boxes.. *redit

Once found you need to use a regular knife to open! DO NOT use an Icicle it will destroy it!
You should see "E to interact" press E to pick up the tag. 

You can not use the tag until the next round!





Helpful Hints:

  • Do not destroy any area close to a spawn point.
  • They won't move if a player is close to it....
  • They can spawn out of bounds for other teams!
  • They can be invisible, only way is to knife it and you will see the E
  • One player may see it, others may not... anyone can knife it and see E
  • Graphic setting make a difference, Go as high as you can for Textures and use LOW for terrain to see better!
  • Ground clutter can get in the way of you seeing it.
  • You can use an FLIR scope or MAV on Whiteout and Hammerhead to help look. Both work well at closer ranges.




Force Field code is 1290 4293 9764 8970

Four players are required to have the following items:

  • One dog tag from a Final Stand map each. (each of the four players a different tag)
  • Phantom Camo uniform.
  • Phantom Camo on main weapon and pistol.
  • Multi-player Phantom dog tag.
  • Player Class, Team or Squad does not matter!!

If you are having problems at the elevator, get everyone out and each player gets in one at a time and sees if the lights come on and start flashing. If they do not the player does not have a Final Stand dog tag on.

If you are dying in elevator recheck your main weapon, pistol, and uniform camo. They must be Phantom Camo and the uniform camo can reset so check before spawning in. 

You can receive your assignment orders by interacting with the papers found on top of cabinets, see image below: (might be glitched in battlog) look in assignments at end of each game after killing with the bow!


As many people as can fit into the elevator can go as long as they have tags and camo on.
Warn before going back up, you will kill anyone in the elevator trying to come down...

The phantom operative dog tags (black chip tags) are both (left and right) received after completing the phantom operative assignment which is to get 200 bow kills and 50 headshots. 

There are a few perks to these tags that people have found so far... redit*

  • You can go down to the phantom room with any camo equipped.
  • You can go down with 2 operatives instead of 4 by equipping the right black tag and each having a non-matching map tag!