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Phantom Dog Tags

The Final Stand Dog Tags spawn in small white (Whiteout and Hammerhead) or greyish/green (Giants of Karelia and Hangar 21 (15x30cm) boxes

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Phantom Bow

There are two methods of unlocking the Bow so get yours today!. Pick it up on Outbreak or by completing all Phantom assignments.

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Solve the Easter Egg in the Dragon Valley 2015 map (Temple Lights) to get you Dice L.A. Camouflage

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Dragon Valley

Battlefield 4 is well known for its many Easter eggs, many require that you do multiple steps to achieve. The new Dragon Valley 2015 map offers one of the best ones yet! This Easter egg could have only been done on a un-ranked server because the only way anyone could have found some of these hidden switches was by using Battlefield Cinematic Tools. This tool is used by many YouTuber's because of the camera control and map effects it lets you change. You can lower the water levels look inside objects etc. NOTE: This program would get you a lifetime ban on any ranked server running any kind of anti-cheat programs.


This Easter egg involves 7 very small switches and the 20 lanterns hanging from the ceiling around the Temple @ C on Dragon Valley 2015, more on this later.

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The search is on:

Near the Northeastern corner of the temple, there is a beam with a skull on it. If you stand there looking at it for 20-30 seconds then turn around you should see the lantern behind you has started to flash.


It is a Morse code message that says:

Did you miss me?
Good luck

This was the first clue that there might well be an Easter egg of some sorts on this map. JJJU (aka) Julian Manolov; Who is a developer at DICE LA. for Battlefield and has tweeted many clues about the battlefield easter eggs. 

As it turns out there are 7 switches hidden all over the map but they only on unranked servers, there in one underwater, one near the top of the pagoda and even one hidden inside a tree! The idea is to get all of the light turned on, but it is not as simple as it seems (details later in the article). Once you have all the lights on go back to the post with the skull on it and go to the post across from it and look on the outside of it by the railing, you see a keypad. By pressing a key the lantern will start to flash Morse code again, this time, it translates to:
"When night falls over the old factory a secret lurks in the openness of the Northwoods, Multiply the letters of the longest word and the one after it to form the code."

The first code!

This is, of course, referring to the new Zavod Graveyard shift map, if you go to the north woods about 143 meters up the creek from the F flag there is a rock outcropping facing North. Stand close to it and you will hear as low-frequency sound like noise, after recording it for a few minutes you can open it up in any sound editor and by speeding it up and making a few adjustments you find a voice saying:

I’ve got little birdy legs

So by following the directions, "Multiply the letters of the longest word and the one after it to form the code." we take the words Little which is the longest and Birdy which is the one after and use their numeral value you get: 83980800000



The Next Code!

Once you enter the code 83980800000 on the keypad back at the temple, the lantern will start an another round of Morse code. By using a Morse code app on your phone, you can decode this message easily. The message decodes as:

To claim your prize now join a ranked conquest large game, stand at the west side of the shaft of the North-western water tower for 2 minutes, then use this individual code there 86356480.


img 7

Getting started!

At the start of a round on an unranked server go to the Temple (H flag) and look at the lights around the temple. You will see a few lit up, these are the default lights. They will be different every round and I have seen between 1-4 default lights on. We now know that the switches turn on/off the temple lights and they change which light they turn on every round.

The idea is to get all 20 of the temple lights on, and to do this you need to find out what each switch does on every round. To keep track of the lights, you can use 7 color markers/pens and then drawing 20 circles in a rectangle to track the lights. It is easier to see the pattern for which switches does what then just writing down the numbers. I use a web program Realtimeboard but you can use any paint/drawing program or download this template


Your goal is to get all of the light turned on but it is not as simple as it seems because more than one switch controls many of the lights. So now if you have 2 switches on and they both control one of the lights they work against each other. I start with the default lights and mark them down and move to the other switches, I generally start with the temple and then rock and go around the map from there.

  1. Default
  2. Temple (H Flag)
  3. Rock (E Flag)
  4. Waterfall (D Flag)
  5. Dock (G Flag)
  6. Stove (C Flag)
  7. Pagoda (B Flag)
  8. Tree (A Flag)

Go to each of the 7 switches to see what lights they turn on and mrk them down and double and triple check if you need to, any mistakes will make the puzzle harder if not impossible to solve. Once you have the first switch’s lights marked down, turn them off and be sure they are off. Sorry but I can’t emphasize  this enough, any mistakes made during this process will make the puzzle harder if not impossible to solve.

When you have six of the seven of the lights marked down you may notice you have at least one light that has not been turned on. If you have not made any mistakes they will come on with the last switch, but one thing to keep in mind it that the lights that had not been turned on by any other switch will stay on even if you turn the last switch back off. 

Once you know what lights are effected by each of the switches you need to look for a pattern to get all of the lights on. This is why for myself personally I prefer the Whiteboard approach as it lets me see what I need to do in a visual way and not by looking numbers.

There are cheats to help you in this process like the DICE camouflage Easter egg Light Calculator, and few others but a cheat is a cheat. Stop being so damn lazy, you really should try to do it on your own! If you just can't solve it on your own I would recommend the light Solver by PsychoDuckUK which is linked below. To help you with the Morse Code you can use "Morse Talk" for Android or "Text Light" app iPhone.


You can also use PsychoDuckUK's complete Android app which provides the solution to the lantern puzzle, ensures that all lanterns are lit with the correct button combination. Also is able to decode the morse code from the flashing lantern to get the individual unlock code.


The Temple (H flag):


The Rock (E flag): 

The Waterfall (D flag)

The Dock (G flag)

The Stove (C flag)

The Pagoda  (B flag)

The tree (A flag)




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